200 tonnes of Belval steel sheet piles for the Water treatment station in Grevenmacher

The construction of the new Grevenmacher water treatment station started in March 2013. It is located on the Port de Mertert, close to the camping, the swimming pool and the tennis courts of the city. It will enable the wastewater treatment of the regional union SIDEST that includes cities of Grevenmacher, Lenningen, Mertert, Stadtbredimus and Wormeldange.

ArcelorMittal supplied about 200 tonnes of sheet piles in shape PU 18, produced by its Belval steel plant in Luxembourg. Sheet piles are 9 to 11 meters long. Their purpose is to retain the soil and to avoid water ingress into the excavation pit. The first phase of the project took place from mid-June to mid-July. It involved the installation of the sheet piles and significant earthworks. In the end more than 80,000 m3 of rubble will be generated.

Reuse of sheet piles

Sheet piles are part of a temporary retaining structure and will be removed after two years to be reused in other projects. The main advantage of sheet piles for temporary work lies in its fast installation and its ability to be reemployed for different phases of earthworks. The reuse of sheet piles has a very positive environmental impact on its Life Cycle Analysis.

The water treatment station that represents an investment of about 35 Million EUR will be finished in 2014 but the finalization of the project which contains other works is foreseen for 2020. Overall, 100 Million EUR will be invested mainly by the Luxemburgish State.