ArcelorMittal at the project Learning Factory

The supporters of the “Learning Factory” project presented their plans for a new vocational training centre in the presence of Luxembourg's Minister for Economy and Foreign Trade, Etienne Schneider, and the Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Marco Schank.

ArcelorMittal, Schneider Electric, Enovos, Creos, Sudstrom, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Federation Luxembourg (Fedil) and the Ville d'Esch have partnered in this venture of developing the “Learning Factory” project. Based on the concept of “learning by doing”, the project aims to establish a centre for continued vocational training with practical experience, primarily in the field of energy efficiency and process optimization.

Based in Foetz, the “Learning Factory” reproduces a model factory to reconstruct, in real-time, the different processes which characterise the functionality of a modern industry.

Designed to link theory and practice, this new training infrastructure will be an important instrument to reduce energy inefficiency in the industry and SMEs and promote the development within energy efficiency.

 “The project is designed for both large companies and SMEs or service providers located in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. However the catchment area goes beyond the country and we hope to attract companies from neighboring countries - and why not Europe-wide", said Jean Schummers, director of the “Learning Factory”.

Minister Schank commented that the project will benefit from financial aid amounting to €1m and that they must indeed encourage successful initiatives in energy efficiency, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all areas, including industry and SME’s.