Aluzinc® creates a home for Luxembourg’s master confectioners

Namur, the famous Luxembourgish confectioner, is celebrating 150 years since the opening of its first store in 1863. Just 50 years later after Nicolas Namur opened his shop, Luxembourg’s steel industry was born – and today, the Grand Duchy remains famous for both the quality of its confectionery and its steel.

The links between pastries, chocolate and steel continue, as our steel now houses the Namur factory in Luxembourg-Hamm. Our site in Dudelange, Luxembourg, supplied Aluzinc® steel to the Namur family’s factory, which was built in 2007.

Aluzinc® was the product of choice for this project. The product’s combination of aluminum and zinc makes it more resistant to corrosion than steel sheets coated with pure zinc or pure aluminum. It offers a high light reflectivity and the building’s façade appears to ‘change’ throughout the day depending on how the light reflects off it. “Aluzinc®, produced in Europe exclusively in Dudelange, offers excellent thermal and optical reflectivity, outstanding fire resistance, and being flexible it can be bent and profiled easily. The unique effect of Aluzinc® is to create a natural silvery ‘spangle’. And thanks to the extremely thin aluminium oxide coating that forms on the surface, the steel gleams for a long time” explained Franck Wasilewski, Dudelange CEO.

With the family-run business now in its sixth generation, the new Namur factory employs 180 people and makes 40 different cakes each day, supplying cake and confectionery-lovers and the catering trade throughout the region.

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