ArcelorMittal seeks for a new and modern labour agreement

Current discussions around the collective labour agreement have shown it once more: ArcelorMittal Luxembourg needs to modernize the collective labour agreement for the future of competitive steelmaking.

Times have changed and thus the collective labour agreement must change. This includes important adaptations such as more flexibility and an improved compensation system based on performance.

Moreover the objectives of the Lux2016 agreement will be supported in the new agreement. It is essential that the new agreement takes into account the aim to renew competitiveness of the steel industry. Today's market environment suffers from economic and structural weakness, demand in the European steel industry has reached a 25 year low.

"We remain open to find a solution together with our unions until December", comments Nico Reuter, Vice President at ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe. Thus the company regrets that the union representatives have now already called for conciliation. Nonetheless ArcelorMittal will be ready to participate in this process, as it is of common interest to create a new and modern collective labour agreement, which guarantees fair treatment for our employees.