ArcelorMittal Luxembourg starts two new health and safety campaigns

Luxembourg, 25 April 2013 - The group today hosts its seventh annual Health and Safety Day at its sites globally. In Luxembourg, all thirteen administrative and production sites organised health related workshops and activities focusing on themes such as ergonomics, sight, hearing protection, respiratory protection and stress/fatigue.

On this occasion S.A.R. Prince Guillaume, member of the Board of Directors at ArcelorMittal, has visited the ArcelorMittal site at Differdange together with Arnaud Poupart- Lafarge, CEO at ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe. Claude Meisch, the mayor of Differdange, has also been present at the opening ceremony.

The theme, ‘Stop, think and act safely’, is continued this year to reflect the importance of this message. Around 208,000 employees and contractors worldwide took part in activities to mark the day last year, and this figure is expected to rise in 2013.

“Many of our sites have proved they can work without fatalities and lost time injuries for an extended period of time. This is proof that our target for the Journey to Zero, ArcelorMittal’s global health and safety programme, is achievable everywhere”, says Lakshmi N Mittal, chairman and CEO, ArcelorMittal. “With impressive progress being made in some areas, I hope that this year’s event – ‘Stop, Think and Act Safely’ – will further strengthen our cause and make it possible to reduce the number of fatalities to zero”, he continues.

“Safety on the road” and “Safety at home”

On the occasion of Health & Safety Day 2013, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg launches two new campaigns: “Safety on the road” on commuting/traffic accidents and “Safety at home” on domestic and leisure accidents. Both campaigns will also be among the highlights of the Health Week in autumn. Their purpose is to draw attention to risks on the road and at home that we face everyday and to act proactively according to the principle of "prevention is better than cure".

Each campaign stretches over the coming year and includes thematic modules for each month. The "Safety on the road" campaign treats for example modules like physical condition of the driver, appropriate speed or eco-driving. The "Safety at home" campaign includes topics like tripping and falling, sports and leisure accidents or handling of hazardous products.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg will also launch a contest for its employees on the entire initiative - the winners will be revealed for Health & Safety Day 2014.

Through its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership, ArcelorMittal operates in a responsible way with respect to the health, safety and wellbeing of all its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates.

Press contact: Arne Langner, +352-4792-3120


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