ArcelorMittal delivers organic coated steel for sustainable building solutions

Hannover, 24 April 2012 – With over 50 years experience in producing coated coils for the building market, ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe is proud to announce the release of “Nspired by Nature” at Hannover Messe. “Nature” is a brand new product line of organic coated products that really do care for the environment.

“Nature” is the result of more than 15 years of successful research and testing and is always delivered with coatings and surface treatments free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals (lead or hexavalent chromium complex).

This good news comes well in advance of European Union’s REACH regulations on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances. ArcelorMittal is considered a pioneer in the development of chromate-free technologies including chromatefree primers and surface treatments.

“At ArcelorMittal, we truly believe in the principles of sustainable development and are fully committed to making sure that our steel contributes to the future growth of environmentally responsible construction. As such, ArcelorMittal has invested in new technologies over the past two decades, resulting in subsequent reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions, a reduced life cycle impact and increased volumes of steel scrap being recycled”, comments Jean-Martin Van der Hoeven, Chief Marketing Officer at Flat Carbon Europe.

The environmental advantages of steel as a building material are well documented and widely recognised. Steel is 100% recyclable, indefinitely and without loss of quality. As such steel recovery within the construction and automotive industry is as high as 85% resulting in 600 million tonnes of CO2 emissions savings each year.

“Nature” has undergone an extensive indoor and outdoor testing program spanning several years, during which time the steel was exposed to different sources of corrosion and weathering conditions at various locations around the world. The results were excellent, especially with regard to Nature’s resistance to corrosion (including edge corrosion), paint peeling and film integrity.

ArcelorMittal guarantees that the new Nature ‘chromate-free’ product line reaches the same mechanical and aesthetic standard as products that contain chromates. As such, products from the Nature collection are guaranteed up to 30 years (depending on the environment), which is more than other organic coated products.

ArcelorMittal is present at Hannover Messe in Hall 6, D23 at the Stahl-Info Germany stand and in Hall 13, B21 at the Luxembourg country stand. 

Press contact: Arne Langner, +352-4792-3120


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