ArcelorMittal calls to unions to negotiate a new collective labour agreement

Luxembourg, 14 December 2012 - ArcelorMittal has today informed the unions about its intention to start negotiations for a new collective labour agreement in Luxembourg. The company considers a constructive social dialogue with its union representatives as crucial and thus has proposed an agreement about the method for re-negotiating the collective labour conventions.

This step responds to the need to adapt the existing labour agreements to the legislation on the common bylaw (“statut unique”) for workers and employees. The implementation of the “statut unique” is foreseen until end December 2013.

The method agreement implies denunciation by December 31, 2012 of the existing labour conventions - in compliance with the existing legal framework. Negotiations shall start in January 2013 to conclude a new collective labour agreement until December 2013. The terms of the current labour conventions will remain fully valid during this period.

"We have discussed with our union representatives and proposed to find a new agreement within one year which serves best our employees and the future development of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg", comments Nico Reuter, Vice President ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe. "The new agreement shall be modernized, taking into account today's economic environment and the objectives of the Lux2016 agreement which ensures the future for competitive steelmaking in Luxembourg", he added.


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