Board of directors

Board of directors of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

Michel Wurth

Roland Bastian

Valérie Massin

Members of the Board of directors

Pierre Jacobs, ArcelorMittal
Frédéric Lang, ArcelorMittal
Thierry Laux, ArcelorMittal
Laurent Plasman, ArcelorMittal
Henri Reding, ArcelorMittal
Marc Solvi, Independant

H.R.H. the Guillaume of Luxembourg
Bob Feidt, Ministry of the Economie
Stefano Araujo, Employees representative
Marc Bartholmé, Employees representative
Patrick Dury, Employees representative
Samuel Ferrai, Employees representative
Jean-Luc Schimdtgall, Employees representative

ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg

ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg