Industrial sites

ArcelorMittal has four production sites in Luxembourg, a repair workshop, a distribution platform and an electrical distribution site. The production sites have a diversified product offer and are specialized in a low-carbon and responsible production.

The facilities located in Belval, Differdange and Rodange are grouped under a single cluster called ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg bringing together more than 2,100 employees.

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg - Belval site

The Long Products Luxembourg site located in Esch-Belval includes an electric steelworks and two rolling mills.
Its steelworks produces semi-finished products intended mainly for Train Medium Belval and Train A in Rodange. In 2025, the modernized steelworks (SteelUp! project) will produce new high-quality steels allowing Train A to be supplied to roll demanding products such as rails.
Train 2 is the oldest sheet pile rolling mill in the world, playing a leading role in the development of these products since the first sheet piles were rolled in 1911.
The Train Moyen Belval (TMB) is a modern rolling mill which mainly produces beams and angles.

  • 1 electric steelworks
  • 2 hot rolling mills
  • 1 million tons of annual production capacity of crude steel
  • +1 000 employees
  • +100 years of history
Sheet piles for Veluwemeer aqueduct (The Netherlands)

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg - Differdange site

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg has an electric steelworks and a rolling mill in Differdange.
Its steelworks supplies semi-finished products for the medium and large sections of Mill Grey and the sheet piles of Train 2.
Mill Grey produces the largest beams in the world, the Jumbos, used in the tallest skyscrapers.

  • 1 electric steelworks
  • 1 hot rolling mill
  • 1.35 million tons of annual production capacity of crude steel
  • +800 employees
  • +100 years of history
Beams for Mohammed VI tower in Rabat
Beams for the One World Trade Center Tower in New York
Beams for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg - Rodange site

Mill A produces tramway groove rails, rails for cranes, special profiles and merchant steels.

Rails produced in Rodange are used to move the heaviest crane in the world, at the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset, England.

  • 1 hot rolling mill
  • 250 000 tons of annual production capacity of crude steel
  • +200 employees
  • +150 years of history
Rails de grue du port de Quigdao
Crane rails for Tangier port
Crane rails for Philippe Chartier in Roland Garros

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg - Dommeldange site

The mechanical workshop mainly works for the ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg factories and other internal and external clients of the group. It covers four areas of expertise: engineering, welding, machining and assembly.

  • 13 000 m² of workshop
  • 15 hectares
  • 30 employees

ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg - Sotel

Sotel ensures the proper supply of electricity to our production sites and manages the associated services.

  • 1.4 TWh of industrial production
  • 19 employees

ArcelorMittal Bissen

The Bissen wire drawing plant is a WireSolutions factory. It manufactures wires for fencing, vine wires as well as metal fibers for construction. A pioneer in heavy galvanized wire, the site has continued to invest in research into new environmentally friendly coatings that protect against corrosion, such as Crapal®.

  • 35 wire drawing machines
  • 3 galvanizing lines
  • 83 000 tons of annual production
  • 280 employees
Crapal vine wire

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ArcelorMittal European Logistic Center

ArcelorMittal European Logistic Center (AMCLE) is a logistics center and central storage for the ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions distribution network.

  • 75 000
  • 17 halls
  • 22 overhead cranes
  • +100 employees