Steel is the most used material in the world and it is essential to offer raw materials of certified responsible origin. This is why in Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal is involved in the ResponsibleSteel™ program, the first global certification of steel supplies.

Responsible Steel approach

ResponsibleSteel™ is a non-profit organization that brings together steel producers (including ArcelorMittal), automobile manufacturers, mining companies, NGOs and professional associations. It allows each site to demonstrate that the different processes meet standards rigorously defined by social, environmental and governance criteria which make up the ResponsibleSteel™ standard.
To be certified, each site must undergo a detailed audit carried out by a third-party organization. The final decision is made by an independent certification committee. ArcelorMittal called on the firms Afnor and GUTcert, specialized in assessment and certification services.

In ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg

In July 2021, ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg sites were the first certified sites in the world. Today the sites rigorously follow the standard and justify through the ResponsibleSteel™ audit that its production meets strict standards covering a wide range of social, environmental and governance criteria, including:

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conservation of water resources and biodiversity
  • Human rights and workers’ rights
  • Stakeholder Relations and Business Integrity

Discover our ResponsibleSteel™ commitments in the video below:

In ArcelorMittal group

To learn more about the deployment of ResponsibleSteel™ at ArcelorMittal:
ResponsibleSteel™ at the global level

Discover all of our group policies (health and safety, human resources, human rights, etc.) on the corporate website:

ArcelorMittal policies

Concrete projects

Our ArcelorMittal sites in Luxembourg are constantly improving. Each opportunity is analyzed internally and discussed with our stakeholders. Some leading to incredible achievements.

Floating solar farm

In 2021, a floating photovoltaic power plant was installed on a former industrial pool in Differdange. After years of inactivity and a few failed attempts to establish flora and fauna in the pond, it was decided to use this space to provide the surrounding neighborhoods with carbon-free energy.

Diffuse emissions reduction*

At the end of 2023, ArcelorMittal began dismantling the central dust collection system of the former Hayange steelworks (Florange site, Moselle, France) to reassemble it piece by piece in Differdange. Once arrived on our site, it will be connected by tailor-made installations to each entity identified as a priority. Diffuse emissions will be reduced by 80% in 2026.
This project was developed following years of joint work between ArcelorMittal, the municipality of Differdange and the Administration
*This is an additional dust collection installation to installations already in place for years.

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