1000 days without lost time injury at TMB

May 17, 2022, the Belval Medium Train (TMB) celebrates the milestone of 1,000 days without a lost-time injuries. The train had not experienced such an event since August 2019.

At the TMB, safety performance is due to a zero accident approach launched several years ago, but above all because people believe in it and respect it every day. The site also explains the success of its approach by the important work of communication and collaboration between the teams. Each incident, near miss and dangerous situation is analyzed with the teams in the field, regular exchanges between the teams, but also between the ArcelorMittal sites, make it possible to find solutions to recurring safety problems, and several awareness campaigns have taken place to talk about the importance of good gestures and good behavior. If you add to this the Take Care training, the employees have all the cards in hand to continue their excellent work towards zero accidents!

I am very proud of the teams, who have all worked to make this record possible. However, zero accidents require constant vigilance. Nothing can be taken for granted in this area, and the slightest deviation can send us in the wrong direction. We must therefore remain vigilant and continue to work towards zero accidents with rigor and by including each employee.
Dominique Lentile, Head of production – Logistic – Planning, ArcelorMittal Belval

In a Group like ArcelorMittal where the safety of people is our number one priority, the employees of the TMB remind us that the goal of zero accidents is achievable so that we go home safe and sound.

Congratulations to the TMB teams!