ArcelorMittal Long Products Belval: together with local firefighters for our safety

In the event of an accident, the firefighters are among the first to be contacted, they are an essential element in the smooth running of a rescue in the workplace.

his is why at ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg, firefighters from surrounding municipalities are invited several times a year to familiarize themselves with our jobs, their risks and the layout of our sites. They follow a brief presentation of the site, our products and markets. They are then informed about the access routes to the site by Alain Nedza (technician in charge of safety) with a visit to the facilities. Our nurse Alexandre Colarelli also familiarizes them with the procedures to be followed by our employees when an accident occurs: the "first person on scene", as soon as you arrive first on the scene of a medical emergency, you have to stop, think and act safely:

  • Secure the premises to prevent further accidents
  • Locate first aid equipment and devices
  • Find first aiders who will take care of the victim
  • Call the internal emergency line
  • Guide the medical team or emergency services to the scene

It is important that firefighters discover our industrial site, they must understand our manufacturing process and the resulting risks, and familiarize themselves with our internal procedures. It is a sharing of experience and knowledge, beneficial to both parties.

We had stopped the sessions during the covid period. We relaunched them this year with 3 sessions at the end of September where we invited the managers of the reference barracks. We will also invite new firefighters there in the future. We will have a major exercise at the level of the TMB (Train Moyen Belval) during the 1st quarter of 2023.
Quantilien Bury, Safety manager - ArcelorMittal Belval

On our industrial sites, the working conditions can be extreme (muddy, narrow, hot, dark places, etc.). Tools are available to everyone to carry out first aid: stretcher cabinets, emergency showers.

In addition to strengthening ties with the CGDIS (Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps), the LPL health and safety department has undertaken various actions to improve our safety performance, including:

An emergency exercise at the Belval steelworks including a 5m fall into an empty pocket.

Allowing us to test our emergency procedures with our subcontractor LOEWE and the CGDIS of the Esch-Sur-Alzette barracks in collaboration with the person in charge of the bock pocket and the refractorist part, Philippe Urban.

Exercice en collaboration avec le CGDIS et Loewe

Exercise in collaboration with CGDIS and Loewe

Visit to the ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt safety training center (Germany).
In order to understand the functioning of the German training center and to develop one for the LPL scope.

The LPL safety team visiting ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt training center.