ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, new signatory of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg

On 6 October 2020, during an official online ceremony in the presence of Corinne Cahen, Minister for Family and Integration and sponsor of this initiative, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg confirmed its commitment to diversity by becoming a signatory of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg.

The aim of this charter is to give the signatory Luxembourg organizations a shared vision of diversity by bringing them together around a common text in order to implement diversity management, beyond legal obligations. The implementation of practices promoting cohesion and social equity is nurtured through networks, workshops and conferences.

In this context, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg continues to:

  • Strengthen a long-term approach in favor of diversity
  • Fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Strengthen its policy of equal opportunities, through an objective and fair internal recruitment and promotion process

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg today represents 67 nationalities (Luxembourgers, French, Belgians, Germans, Italians, but also Indians, Japanese, Rwandans, ...), a little over 500 women (a proportion that increases regularly every year) and a population composed mainly of people aged between 30 and 50 years old.

Diversity is a key driver for the Company; Each individual needs to feel part of this journey which will contribute to develop added value and innovation

The next steps are the formalisation of an action plan and the publication of the actions carried out in favour of diversity in two years’ time.

To know more:

Henri Reding, CEO ArcelorMittal Rodange, has signed the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg for ArcelorMittal Luxembourg.