ArcelorMittal Luxembourg supports National Tree Day

Initiated by natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur, in partnership with the Administration of Nature and Forests (Anf), and with the support of member companies, including ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, National Tree Day represents, every year, the launch of an awareness campaign aiming to encourage public and private bodies, as well as citizens, to plant trees and shrubs which are essential elements for biodiversity in the rural and urban environment.

The effects of climate change are making a growing number of citizens aware of the importance of getting involved, participating and contributing to the preservation and improvement of our natural environment.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg supported this initiative through two actions.

The first consisted of a donation of subsidies allowing the planting of 100 m2 of deciduous forest in Luxembourg.

Why supports this project?

Sources of food, protection and shelter, large and small mammals, birds and insects have made forests their habitat. The biodiversity of deciduous forests is very rich. But the forest is also an essential tool in the fight against global warming. It ensures climate stability by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and improving the quality and availability of water. A 100 m2 forest ecosystem stores around 10 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere over 100 years.

The second action was to put the Bonnevoie technical high school in contact with natur&ëmwelt. We already had discussions a few months ago in the framework of the support given to the project of young students, called ‘Seabin’, which could not be achieved because of the health crisis we are experiencing this year.

ArcelorMittal has proposed to donate funds from the original project to National Tree Day. Sensitive to the environmental cause for which the young people were committed, the funds raised were transferred to the Foundation for this day, ie 3,000 euros.

Donation on November 9 at the Maison de la Nature in Bettembourg:

on the left (blue mask) Gilles Weber, Director of natur & ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d´Natur, and on the right (black mask) Tom Emering​er, Professor of economics at the technical high school of Bonnevoie.

National Tree Day has become an annual event not to be missed for all those who want to take concrete action to maintain biodiversity, for the protection of nature, for sustainable development and against climate change.

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