ArcelorMittal Luxembourg supports the Luxembourg cultural sector through its partnership with Esch2022

Luxembourg, February 24, 2022 – ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, a historical figure in the south of the Grand Duchy and a major player in the future of this territory, supports Esch2022 as a main partner.

For ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, heir to the long history of the Luxembourg steel industry, which is deeply rooted in the identity of the Grand Duchy, this commitment is part of its CSR strategy, which aims in particular to enhance the cultural heritage and artistic expression of Luxembourg. The steel industry will be honored in the events organized as part of Esch2022, in particular in the installations presented at the Massenoire, and also in the various artistic creations to which ArcelorMittal has directly or indirectly given its support: by welcoming, for example, the choreographer Cécilia Bengoléa on our Belval site to enrich her show, by supporting the production of the documentary "A coloniâ Luxemburguesa" which evokes a part of the history of the Brazilian steel industry that is intimately linked to that of the Luxembourgers, or by responding to the requests of visual artists wishing to work with steel, a fascinating material that thrills our employees every day and which, we hope, thanks to these artists, will bring this passion to life in the hearts of visitors to Esch2022.

Longstanding support to the cultural sector in Luxembourg

By supporting the European Capital of Culture, ArcelorMittal contributes to this year of cultural and artistic events. In return, Esch2022 offers the company an opportunity to bring to light a long-standing but often overlooked commitment to local culture. The Schlassgoart gallery, supported by ArcelorMittal and managed in partnership with the city of Esch, has been offering Luxembourg artists an exceptional exhibition space for more than 20 years, and offers a constantly renewed program. From February 24, it will host an exhibition of works by Auguste Trémont (1892-1980), a Luxembourgish artist who drew his inspiration from the Luxembourg steel industry and the socio-cultural environment of the Minett.

Schlassgoart gallery

The hosting of events on the perimeter of the sites in Esch as part of the Night of Culture is another illustration of this commitment to proximity. Since July 2020, the provision of Building IV to the non-profit organization frEsch has enabled Luxembourg artists to work and present their work in a space that offers beautiful volumes. Finally, our industrial sites regularly welcome numerous artists: photographers, painters and video artists in Belval and Rodange, film makers and musicians in Schifflange; in Differdange, the artist Alain Welter has been able to give free rein to his talents as an illustrator on the plant’s monumental cooling towers.

Building 4 personalized by FrEsch, Differdange’s cooling towers by Alain Welter, culture night in Esch and a film shooting in our Schifflange site.

A partnership that values our stakeholders and employees

With Esch2022, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg is seizing a unique opportunity to confirm the special relationship that the company cultivates with the inhabitants of the communities near its sites. It is also an opportunity to allow the Group’s employees to take advantage of the 2,000 shows and events offered throughout the coming year. For a number of them, expatriates in Luxembourg (ArcelorMittal has more than 60 nationalities in the Grand Duchy), Esch2022 will allow them to discover the best of Luxembourg’s artistic expression.

ArcelorMittal is proud to contribute to the organization of such an event, which will have a local and international impact. Many of the artistic events will take place at the gates of our largest site in Luxembourg, the ArcelorMittal Belval site, which, through its cutting-edge steel products, makes the Grand Duchy shine throughout the world.
Roland Bastian, Head of country ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

On February 26, the ArcelorMittal Belval site will have a front row seat for the official opening ceremony of Esch2022, REMIX Opening. To discover how the ArcelorMittal Belval site will accompany this unusual and spectacular moment, to be experienced with family or friends, meet in front of the Rockhal de Belval, place de l’académie, as soon as the sun goes down.