Auguste Trémont, a luxembourgish artist with an international halo

What do Luxembourg City Cathedral, ArcelorMittal and Winston Churchill have in common? The Luxembourg artist of the 20th century, Auguste Trémont! His work and his journey from the Grand Duchy to Paris are revealed in the exhibition dedicated to him and his art at the Galerie Schlassgoart, in Esch-sur-Alzette.

This exhibition, offered as part of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture, retraces the artist’s travels between the Dudelange steelworks and the Parisian wanderings where his art and technique have developed over the years.

The highlight of this exhibition is the staging of these typical decorative arts sculptures in a contemporary and surprising installation by the artist Eric Schumacher. Take a good look at these sculptures... if they remind you of anything, it’s that you recently visited the capital’s town hall or the crypt of the Grand-Ducal family in the heart of the cathedral. Indeed it is Auguste Trémont himself who produced these works known to residents of Luxembourg-city. Regarding the former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, he owned one of the rare copies of this masterful bronze lion!

Galerie Schlassgoart, pavillon du centenaire, ArcelorMittal boulevard de la Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Esch-sur-Alzette