Belval, upgrading of the electrical cells of Train 2

At Belval, the maintenance department often has to ​face ambitious challenges in order to guarantee the efficiency and performance of Train 2, global leader in sheet piles. In 2019, a ​plan for the sustainability and operation of the installations started, including in particular the re-commissioning of the Ilgner electrical room and then from 2020 the launch of the “High voltage dry transformer” project, with the help of the project team.​

In that line, a plan for change the high voltage cells and revamping certain high voltage cells on the production line has been drawn up.

The upgrading of electric cells involves significant advantages for production, the quality of our products and the safety of people. The needs of the maintenance team concerned first:

  • The sustainability of the site and anticipation for future projects.​
  • The reduction of electrical failures present on the internal network.​
  • The reduction of the risk of personal accident linked to the maintenance of the electrical network.

Modern​​​​ and environmentally friendly

Following the diagnosis of the old electric cells still in operation, a call for tenders have been launched with specifications requesting in particular the modernization of the high voltage distribution located at Train 2 in Belval, to which Schneider Electric, a local company,​ responded by taking into account the environmental impact of such a renovation.

The project therefore began with a Modernization, Performance and Safety audit by the service provider on the equipment of Train 2, with an inventory of the electrical network, an evaluation of the equipment and an estimate of the budget, in order to determinate what would be the improvements and replacements to make.

The approach is part of the one of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg in favor of the environment and circular economy. The installation is thus made up of thirteen reconditioned medium-voltage cells and five oil transformers that have been cleaned up and replaced by reconditioned dry-type transformers.​

Thanks to these operations, we avoided reprocessing 26 tonnes of materials and saved the equivalent of 170 tonnes of CO2.
Sébastien Michon, industrial engineer for maintenance at Train 2, Belval

EcoStruxure measurement sensors have been installed on the cells​, making the installation more reliable, performing predictive maintenance and energy management, and prote​cting existing equipment.​​​​​

Maintenance operators will be able to know the energy consumption in real time and monitor it. This will make it possible to measure and visualize the savings by improving the most energy-consuming installations. Future breakdowns can also be anticipated with the use of the sensors and can thus be avoided, thus avoiding a production delay. These sensors meet the expectations of improving diagnostics, making it fast and reliable, allowing conditional, preventive and corrective maintenance.

The installation of the 33 cells will be done in three phases: a first installation has already started for 13 cells, 10 others will be in 2021 and the last 10 in 2022.​​