Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman of the Board of ArcelorMittal, visited the Luxembourg pavilion

On Friday October 1, 2021, Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal, was one of the very first visitors to the Luxembourg pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, illustrating the strong links between the Grand Duchy and the company.

Welcomed by Mrs. Maggy Nagel, Luxembourg’s Commissioner General at Expo 2020 in Dubai, Mr. Mittal had a chance to admire the beauty of steel constructions and their durability through the Luxembourg pavilion, created under the theme "Resourceful Luxembourg".

Pavilion’s shape reflects the circularity of products used for its construction: at one glance, the Möbius ribbon, symbol of infinity and recyclability, embodies the values of the Luxembourgish building.

Indeed, the Luxembourg pavilion is fully in line with the circular economy concept because, now installed at the heart of the Universal Exhibition, it can be tomorrow dismantled and reassembled for a new life thanks to ArcelorMittal steel under the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. For this project, 170 tons of beams, tubes and reinforcing bars were produced from recycled scrap and shipped from the Grand Duchy to the exhibition. This donation classifies ArcelorMittal as “Diamond Sponsor” of the pavilion.

At the end of the visit, Lakshmi Mittal signed the golden book of the pavilion, the first of many futures.

ArcelorMittal’s adventures at the Dubai World Expo have only just begun! Many commercial events will take place in the pavilion and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg will have the honor of welcoming the winners of the best mini-company 2020 awarded by the Jonk Entrepreneuren association in early November in the emirates.