Our first aid agents VS Covid-19

In our production sites and administrative buildings, some employees are trained in first aid measures to intervene at any time in case of an accident, illness or a colleague’s need for advice and guidance.

In Luxembourg City, the skills of this team are regularly updated to take into account the new first aid directives. And the pandemic we are going through has led us to review certain first aid measures.

Introduction to the remote session.

Alexandre Colarelli, head of the Belval certified first aid training center and class director with the ERC (European Resuscitation Council), was approached by Romain Marimpietri, designated worker at headquarters, to inform and train our internal first aid agents at the attitude to be observed when caring for a victim or a sick person, scrupulously following European recommendations.

Indeed, Covid-19 represents a danger less direct than a heart attack, but this disease must be taken seriously and it should not be neglected during an intervention where the rules of distancing are difficult to respect.

Taking advantage of the audiovisual means available in the company, Mr. Marimpietri has set up distance training in order to reach the greatest number of first-aid personnel.
Broadcasted from our head office in Luxembourg-city, this intervention made it possible to visualize these gestures and to raise everyone’s concerns.

Even in a period of lockdown, ArcelorMittal’s rescuers can thus maintain their response capacity!