Safety as part of our commitment to the community at LPL

Thanks to the implementation of a fines system for safety violations committed by our subcontractors at ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg, a donation of 10,000 euros was made to the association La Main Tendue ASBL.

Safety awareness

Safety is of paramount importance at ArcelorMittal. That’s why our employees undergo rigorous training and receive regular follow-up. Unfortunately, our subcontractors may not be covered by these measures, as they are under the responsibility of their own company. A memorandum of understanding has therefore been added to our contracts, under which the subcontractor can be fined by ArcelorMittal if an infringement has been committed by one of its employees. The penalty system is represented with points, with the number of points varying from one infringement to another: from -2 points for a non-observed ramp to -10 points with exclusion from the site for a positive alcohol test.

This procedure has been positively received by the 26 service providers companies, as it has enabled cases of inappropriate safety behavior to be brought to the attention of their managers. Thanks to this system, follow-up is now possible to help them improve their safety performance.

A donation to help families

LPL’s management decided to donate the amount of the fines for the year 2021 to La Main Tendue, ASBL Angela. The association was selected in particular for its work in the field of mental health, which resonates with our internal health and safety objectives.

ArcelorMittal Fondation Luxembourg has been a loyal sponsor of La Main Tendue ASBL Angela since 2008. The Pétange-based association aims to combat all types of violence: physical, sexual and psychological. It places educators with families for support, provides psychological follow-up for teenagers and follow-up to help young adults integrate into society.

Thank you for your support! It will enable us to complete our missions for our users, because the needs are enormous.
Laetitia Cattin

The donation made by ArcelorMittal LPL to the association will finance the PEP’S project, the creation of discussion groups for parents, legal guardians and adults concerned by educational and parental issues, at a rate of 2 to 4 sessions a week, open to families and staff supervising teenagers, to address educational issues and new topics facing parents, such as digital hygiene or substance abuse, but also to counter ordinary educational violence.

This project is an ideal example of the importance of safety in everything we do at ArcelorMittal, and falls within the scope of our ResponsibleSteelTM actions for a more responsible industry.

From left to right: Laetitia Cattin, responsible of the listening, support and social inclusion center La Main Tendue a.s.b.l. Angela, Anne Schneider, Head of Purchasing ArcelorMittal LPL et Pierre Jacobs, CEO ArcelorMittal LPL